Saturday, January 3, 2009

We'd LOVE to feature you for a giveaway!!!

Everyone knows you are SUPER're donating for pete's we don't ask you a bunch of questions. Let's be is cheap we like looking at your pretties!

We show what sells....your stuff!

We'll post 3-6 (maybe more!) pics of items from your shop with links. Now don't worry...if you have a brief description of you or your shop we will gladly list it but you'll need to provide it to us!

Want to see a few examples of just how FAB your feature can be?

Click HERE and HERE and HERE!

The ONLY thing we ask is that the item(s) be valued at $15 or more and you pay the shipping!

So....what do you think? Sounds pretty good huh??!!

Well, what are you waiting for???

Email us to reserve your date!!!


Anonymous said...

love all these things for the little one

Anonymous said...

Hand Painted Vintage 1980s Cream Clutch with Morning Glories-- an example of the many unique colorful pretty things i loved!!

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