Monday, September 28, 2009

25% off @ GAP.COM until the 30th!

Head on over to and type in SAVE25 when you check out for 25% off your ENTIRE purchase. I was a little saddened that it only applies to non-sale items but these cute duds cheered me right up....

I for one happen to think shoes on babes that don't walk are so over-rated....these are my alternative!!

Hold on....there is a matching jacket for this too cute for words jumper dress.....

I wonder if they have a matching adult one for me???

I just can't stand the cuteness!!

Don't worry....I didn't forget the dudes!!!

And I thought they didn't make boys clothes minus baseballs and dinosaurs!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

20% off for a MONTH ~ Thanks Rachael Ray!

Head on over to Rachael Ray's website and take a peek @ the NATIONAL companies that are offering 20% off purchases!!!

From Vera Bradley to Build-A-Bear to Jo-Ann's and Boston Market you are bound to find something that will tickle your fancy!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jo-Ann's BOGO

Thank you to my friend Amy for the tip! Looks like Jo-Ann Fabric Store is feeling generous!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A splurge that is a steal!

Tipster Jenna shared that on a trip to TJ MAXX this weekend she found Paige Premium, Rock and Republic, Joe's and Hudson Jeans. If you are not familiar with these are so not COOL! KIDDING. They are some of the trendiest (in a good way) and priciest jeans on the market!! Did I mention they are all also celebrity favorites...

Nicky Hilton in Paige Premium

Anna Kournikova in Rock and Republic

Jamie Lynn Sigler in Joe's

Brittany Snow in Hudson

even though these weren't spotted @ TJ Maxx I HAD to include them 'cause they hold a special place in my heart...

Jessica Simpson in True Religion

Anyways...since they are at TJ MAXX....we know what that means...they are MUCH cheaper than you will find them anywhere...except for eBay...I'll tell more about that in a sec! They will still cost you a pretty $80-110 pretty but it sure does beat their normal $150-200++ price tag!! Like I always get what you pay for....expect on eBay!!

Okay...about eBay. You probably know by now that we are bargain shoppers which probably clues you in to the fact that we (at least I am) are CHEAP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some True Religion know like "7 Jeans True Religion, I say no but they keep givin"...but I don't love their big 'ol price tag. So here is what I do...I go to Nordstrom's and try them on. I figure out which style and size fits and I secretly write it down before I leave the fitting room. Then I race home and do a search on eBay for them. YES....I buy clothes on eBay...well just jeans! I'll have you know that I have bought them for $25-50 and they are NEW with tags!! I KNOW....CRAZY! But this way I can afford to own 5 pairs and not 1!! It almost feels like stealing...but it is not. Try it will be so glad you did!!

So know you know just how cheap I am....DON'T HATE!!

OH....I almost forgot! Jenna scored Paper Denim & Cloth little girl jeans @ TJ Maxx for 10 BUCKS!!!! TALK ABOUT A STEAL....they are usually at least $75!!! GOOD JOB GIRL!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I got a phone call this a.m. from The Wizard. Somehow she has found out that a lot of Walgreen's stores are about to remodel and move things around. What does this mean for us??? STEALS & DEALS! There are LOTS of RANDOM things marked down!! Like ALL Mighty Detergant...$1.76 and The Wizard had a $1 off coupon....STEAL!!

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH and Kmart is having their 20% off clearance toys again....YES...that means you too can snag a merry-go-round or play set like the one in our first post for CHEAP!!!!!!!


Halloween costumes for $10 and under @

BOGO on CROCS ~ Buy 1 Fall style and get a FREE Spring style...PLUS FREE ground shipping!
I was never a big fan of CROCS until I slipped a pair of black Mary Jane's on my tootsies a few years ago. Not only are the super cute but super comfy! Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for CROCS, but they seem to be getting cuter and I think I may incorporate a few more pairs into my collection!

Here are a few of the Fall ones....

Here are a few of the Spring ones...

That pink and brown in is a GOLF shoe!! Isn't that the cutest and most comfortable golf shoe you have ever seen!? Now, I don't golf but if I did I'd be sporting those!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Target Lawn & Garden 75% off

I think the title speaks for itself!

I highly recommend if you find any of the outdoor mats I mentioned in the last post....the orange one that I snagged...BUY one...or two...or three. They roll out and have a "pillow" at the head....PERFECT for lounging in the sand. I also think they make a purty cool gift!!!

Oh...and I want to add that I got a tip that Old Navy had a pretty good clearance sale going on! I just love Old Navy...especially when they do 50% off clearance!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target UPDATE!!


My husband thinks I am nuts and might be suspicious of an affair. I admit it...I'm havin an affair with Target!

A question was asked about the markdown schedule....that applies ALL THE TIME!!! So print it....write it down...or burn in into your memory!!

Okay so here is the scoop as of today. At least for the Target I went to...which for the most part they all follow suit. The MAJORITY of the store is on sale. Most is 50% at this point. I did come across some 75% but not too much. I will say that EVERY isle has something on clearance. NOT KIDDING...every isle!

The Wizard and I have a system when it comes to shopping at Target. First we go down the outside isles and look at the end caps....that is where you will find MOST of the stuff on clearance. This also gives you a good view down the isles. However, I have noticed a trend, some are dedicated an entire isle to all their clearance for each department. Next we go outside to lawn and garden. Listen close gals.....we have found some AMAZING deals out there. That is where my near altercation from the last post occurred. NEVER NOT visit the lawn and garden section!!! Then we walk thru the rest of the store.

Here are some pics I snapped on my trip tonight....I was surprised no one approached me and asked me if I was paparazzi!

Target has a brand called 09 College...ALL of that stuff is 50% which is a pretty good deal since the original prices are pretty cheap to begin with.

This is the isle of 09 College bedding

09 College towels...not the fluffiest but a pretty go deal!
**I am pretty sure the Spiderman Towel is there by mistake!

09 College Tableware....$2.98 for a 5 piece setting.

What I LOVE so much about this is that it is white...but they had red too! I LOVE white dishes. They look so clean and crisp and if you ever chip or break a piece it is soooooooo much easier to replace!

Scrap booking supplies....50% off which brought most of it to a $1 or so
See those little red stickers...I can spot those suckers a mile away! HELLO FRIEND!
Target's summer stuff...not as CHEAP as CVS's but it will get there. Oh...the sign said 30% but it was actually all 50% off!! Don't let those signs fool you...scan, scan, scan!!

This is outside in the garden section. See those lovely red and orange thingies on the shelf?? I scored one! It is a 66" x 23" Outdoor All Weather fabric roll-up mat!! Regular price $34.99 marked $6.12! Now, unless my calculations are off...that is MORE than 50%.


Oh... and those folding tables are $19.98 with an original price of $39.99
Still outside in the Garden section...Fancy Shmancy Fire Burner...$69.99 with an original price of $139.99 know those bins when you walk in the front entrance of the store?? The ones that are stuffed with items priced 50 cents, $1 and $2?? All the items that have a blue dot are 50% off. I always find a few useful things in there. They are PERFECT for birthday party goody bags or stocking stuffers....speaking of Christmas, it is only 100 days, 3 hours and 13 minutes away!!

Keep an eye out for stuff that is Buy 2 get a $5 gift card. I did notice more of those than usual this trip. Like on diapers, face wash, and some stuff in the toy department.

That's all I have for now. KEEP checking back and checking your local Target. REMEMBER....don't let the signs fool you. They have scanners EVERYWHERE...use them and you just might find that the sign was fibbing!!


While at Target this weekend I was overjoyed to see that half the store is on clearance. SERIOUSLY!!!  Most is 30-50% off which means it is just a matter of days before it goes to 75% and 90% off. now it might already be marked down lower!

Now some of you may be happy with 30-50% and some of you may be happy with 75% but I prefer 90%! I hope to sneak away this evening to check it out. I'll report back if I come up with anything!!

And because I like ya'll so much...I'm sharing some VERY privileged info....

The coveted Target markdown schedule!!

Monday - Electronics, Kid's Clothing, Stationary and Gift Wrap
Tuesday - Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pet and Food items
Wednesday - Men's Clothing, Toys, Health & Beauty and Lawn & Garden
Thursday - House wares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Books, Decor & Luggage
Friday - Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware & Jewelry

About 2 years ago we followed this schedule and waited for their patio sets to get marked down. I scored a STEAL..a set (complete with fire pit!) that was worth about $750 and only paid $100!! You should have seen The Wizard and I! We were there about 30 minutes before they opened....and we were not alone! About 10 other ladies were also waiting. The Wizard entered thru Lawn and Garden and I raced thru the store from the main entrance. We left that day with sets for 3 other people. I even recall almost getting into an altercation with someone trying to snatch one of my pieces. NOTHING comes between me and a good DEAL!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tip on a DEAL!

I'm throwing this together FAST after getting a tip from my friend Lindsay...

Cracker Barrel is in the midst of one of their FAMOUS porch sales....and it ends TOMORROW!!

The goods are 80% off!! I haven't had a chance to swing on by the one near us but I have been to them in the past and let me tell you they are GOOD!!

For any of you that have ever eaten at Cracker Barrel, you know you have seen a handful of things in that store while you were waiting that would make a perfect gift....for you or someone else! Got a teacher that needs some buttering up to....go to Crackle Barrel! For some reason that old country charm just screams TEACHER!!!

Not sure if one is near you....all you have to do is go to their site and type in your zip code! Click HERE for the link!

Thanks Lindsay for the tip and PLEASE, if any of you bargain high seekers come across a good deal...please share! Sharing is Caring!!

Ya'll come back now....ya hear!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's better than a STEAL??


Did you know that MANY restaurants and retailers offer coupons and even FREE stuff if you register on their websites?! While I HATE doing this, if it will get me something FREE I'm willing to take one for the team. I thought I'd share with you a list of some of my favorite offers.

Oh...a word of advice...set-up a "sign-up" email and use it for registering. That way, if one of them turns on you and shares your email address with a third party your personal email isn't overflowing with offers to enlarge a certain body part, meet singles in your area or a letter stating you have won the lotto in Dubai and you just need to wire some money to get the collection process started or my personal fav....A prince has died and left you his millions!!! Really??? A prince?? Come on!!

These send out birthday "gifts":
WARNING - "gifts" may cause extreme weight gain!

Moe's Southwest Grill

Red Lobster ....I can taste those biscuits already

Melting Pot

Krispy Kreme .... Did you know when the sign is lit up that means the doughnuts are hot and fresh??

Sonic can upload pics of you enjoying your treat and they might put it on their site!

Firehouse Subs ....a Hook & Ladder for me PLEASE!

California Pizza Kitchen ...this one's for the kiddos

Cold Stone Creamery ...which I hold responsible for the 15 pounds I gained while my husband and I lived in Gainesville! GO GATORS!

Baskin Robbins

Chuck E. Cheese's ....another for the kiddos!

Just to use anytime:

Macaroni Grill

Sweet Tomatoes

Kirkland's ...I got a 20% off coupon that was valid for a WHOLE month!!

AMC Theatres ...expires in November


Chili's ...must be used within 48 hours of signing up

Can you tell we like food around here??

Also, most malls have a website that you can register on and receive special discounts at their retailers. My favorite is Prime Outlets...they have locations in various parts of the country. Another tip, for those of you that shop online, ALWAYS check the coupon sites because 9 times out of 10 the site you are about to order from has some kind of discount coupon available! My go to site is Retail Me Not. Add it to your favorites NOW! last thing. A new trend, at least in the Tampa Bay area, are sites like Tampa Bay Half Off or Half Off Depot (which has offers from all over the nation!) that offer gift certificates for half off. Keep an eye out for any restrictions like "only one certificate can be used per table".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tootin' my horn! Brag Rag

Okay....I finally got in on the CVS action today! Yes TODAY...there were slim pickens! I think The Wizard had hit up just about every one of them from Largo on south! I did find a handful that still had everything 75% off. Some were close to the beaches which I heard that they may not get marked down any lower. The others I may pop in on later this week. But I'm not complaining! Take a peek at what I scored:

39 items for $16.02....I saved $167!!!

I think my favorite STEAL are the packs of SmoreStix. They are about 3 feet long and perfect for using with our firepit on those chilly Florida nights...all 2 of them!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bye Bye Summer!

As promised in yesterday's post we are sharing that CVS has marked ALL of their summer inventory 90% off. What might "summer inventory" be you ask??? Coolers, tote bags, flip flops, volleyball & basketball sets for the pool, those AWESOME sprinklers we all LOVED to run thru as a kid, blow up floats for babes. I could go on and on but I don't want to keep you from missing out on these great DEALS!! GET. IN. YOUR. CAR. NOW!!! Especially if you live in Florida...summer NEVER ends!

The Wizard was up before the sun today, no kidding...she went to a few 24 hour CVS stores at about 5am. I'm pretty sure she has hit up at least 4 at this point and she's told me that she's filled up about 2 carts at each one! This stuff is CHEAP $1 and $2 cheap! Need a birthday present for someone? Or how about starting your Christmas shopping? Christmas is only 109 days and 14 hours away....but who's counting???

Hold up...The Wizard just stopped by...going out to take pics! are the STEALS!!!

Check out the receipts....This one says: SAVED $231.30...she spent $26.78!
Saved: $197.10...spent $22.98!
These were 69 cents!
Flag....$1.29 GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! and CVS!
Splash Ball Sprinkler....99 cents
Kite.... 39 cents
Bubbles..... 9 cents....YES 9 pennies! GREAT for birthdays!!!
Cooler.... $2.99 Garden tools... 39 cents!
bucket and shovel.... 24 cents
don't remember the price but it was CHEAP!
pool volleyball.... 99 cents basketball..... 39 cents
frosty mugs..... 19 cents sidewalk chalk... 49 cents!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due....and our 1st STEALS!!!

I'd like to be able to take credit for the FABULOUS steals and deals that will soon be revealed on this site. Heck, I'd even like to take credit for the name of the blog but I can't do that either.

I first want to recognize my good friend Jenna. She is the mom of 1 year old nuggets quadruplets and she pretty much rocks. Last night when I told her about this blog idea I knew I could count on her to help me come up with a snazzy name. She did not disappoint...THANKS GIRL!

Next I want to thank my mom, or as I may start calling her The Wizard. You know, like the one from OZ. Hands down she by far is THEE BEST bargain shopper around! On more than one occasion she has left a store, cart full and they have paid her.....I's crazy I tell ya!! I have told her MANY times that she needs to start a website or open a store with all her finds. Being over 50, the mother of a 6 year old (and a 30 year old) and someone who works full-time she continues to tell me she has no time. So, thus her name was born. The Wizard....hiding behind the curtain but still sharing her knowledge of steals and deals.

Before I reveal our first deal I'd like to share the circumstances that lead up to me deciding I was going to start sharing our bargain highs...

I get a call from The Wizard yesterday and I can tell she has a bargain high. She's either at Kmart or has just left. She proceeds to ask if I have gotten the NUGGETS a birthday present. I tell her yes and she insists I add another to it. I tell her I don't want them to think I am some FREAK that shows up with a boat load of gifts and I'll have to pass. Not taking my NO for an answer she begins to tell me about this STEAL. The more she told me the more I thought looking like a freak may not be so bad. I hung up and tried to think of excuses I could use to run up to Kmart. By now it was about 10 'til 8 and I knew they closed at 9. I made Tessa a bottle and that is when my excuse hit me. "Tony, I need to run up to the store to get formula....since you won't be around to watch Tessa for me to do it tomorrow" I said. GENIUS! Any excuse that involves Tessa is never denied. I feed Tessa, all the while staring at the clock. She's done at about 8:15, I put her to bed and jump in the car. When I get to Kmart and grab my cart the people at the service desk are giving me "that" know the one that says....DOES SHE KNOW WE ARE CLOSING IN 30 MINUTES??? At this point I am basically running to the toy department and I can't seem to find this STEAL on the shelves. I call The Wizard and she directs me to the exact spot. Of coarse it would be in the VERY top shelf. I find an associate, ask them to retrieve the STEAL from the back ( is something stored in the back) and she agrees to meet me up front with it while I run back to get formula. HEY....I really did need formula! It was an excuse....not a lie!!! When I check out at the service desk the Manager and Associate were shocked when the STEAL rang up at the price it did. Two other workers had gathered around and I shared with them that another STEAL was waiting back on the shelf to be purchased. I was shocked...The Wizard knew about these STEALS and the workers didn't. SWEET! And so the blog began...

Kmart has and addition 20% off their clearance toys right now. Not sure when this expires so if you want one of these I suggest you do as I did and jump in the car RIGHT now and head to your local Kmart!

UPDATE: The additional 20% off ended 9-5-09! Still, at the clearance price we consider these a STEAL!

Drum roll please....

The Dizzy Quad Merry-Go-round:
(is there a better gift for quads?!...FYI we're saving it for their Christmas gift!)

This bad boy is normally $169.99 but is currently marked $42 and with the additional 20% off it is ONLY $33....WHAT A STEAL!

The Forester Wooden Play set

Normally priced $399.99 is currently marked $99 and with the additional discount it is $79....YES....79 DOLLARS!

The Wizard has informed me that a national store will be marking all of their summer merchandise 90% off tomorrow. I PROMISED that I would not reveal this DEAL until she has had the opportunity to wipe them out! Stay tuned tomorrow for that one!!! last thing...I PROMISE the posts will NEVER be this long AGAIN!!!!

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