Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bye Bye Summer!

As promised in yesterday's post we are sharing that CVS has marked ALL of their summer inventory 90% off. What might "summer inventory" be you ask??? Coolers, tote bags, flip flops, volleyball & basketball sets for the pool, those AWESOME sprinklers we all LOVED to run thru as a kid, blow up floats for babes. I could go on and on but I don't want to keep you from missing out on these great DEALS!! GET. IN. YOUR. CAR. NOW!!! Especially if you live in Florida...summer NEVER ends!

The Wizard was up before the sun today, no kidding...she went to a few 24 hour CVS stores at about 5am. I'm pretty sure she has hit up at least 4 at this point and she's told me that she's filled up about 2 carts at each one! This stuff is CHEAP $1 and $2 cheap! Need a birthday present for someone? Or how about starting your Christmas shopping? Christmas is only 109 days and 14 hours away....but who's counting???

Hold up...The Wizard just stopped by...going out to take pics! are the STEALS!!!

Check out the receipts....This one says: SAVED $231.30...she spent $26.78!
Saved: $197.10...spent $22.98!
These were 69 cents!
Flag....$1.29 GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! and CVS!
Splash Ball Sprinkler....99 cents
Kite.... 39 cents
Bubbles..... 9 cents....YES 9 pennies! GREAT for birthdays!!!
Cooler.... $2.99 Garden tools... 39 cents!
bucket and shovel.... 24 cents
don't remember the price but it was CHEAP!
pool volleyball.... 99 cents basketball..... 39 cents
frosty mugs..... 19 cents sidewalk chalk... 49 cents!!


Anonymous said...

Wow 67 items , and less then 30.00, try your luck booth, here they go. I never check blogs, but must admit I am liking this one.

Amy H. said...

Holy Cannoli! Thats all I can say about this one...

jag said...

Just HAD to send this to my email girls. I KNEW they would love it and one has already come home from a great trip to CVS!

Anonymous said...

Saved $132.88 Thanks!

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