Saturday, September 5, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due....and our 1st STEALS!!!

I'd like to be able to take credit for the FABULOUS steals and deals that will soon be revealed on this site. Heck, I'd even like to take credit for the name of the blog but I can't do that either.

I first want to recognize my good friend Jenna. She is the mom of 1 year old nuggets quadruplets and she pretty much rocks. Last night when I told her about this blog idea I knew I could count on her to help me come up with a snazzy name. She did not disappoint...THANKS GIRL!

Next I want to thank my mom, or as I may start calling her The Wizard. You know, like the one from OZ. Hands down she by far is THEE BEST bargain shopper around! On more than one occasion she has left a store, cart full and they have paid her.....I's crazy I tell ya!! I have told her MANY times that she needs to start a website or open a store with all her finds. Being over 50, the mother of a 6 year old (and a 30 year old) and someone who works full-time she continues to tell me she has no time. So, thus her name was born. The Wizard....hiding behind the curtain but still sharing her knowledge of steals and deals.

Before I reveal our first deal I'd like to share the circumstances that lead up to me deciding I was going to start sharing our bargain highs...

I get a call from The Wizard yesterday and I can tell she has a bargain high. She's either at Kmart or has just left. She proceeds to ask if I have gotten the NUGGETS a birthday present. I tell her yes and she insists I add another to it. I tell her I don't want them to think I am some FREAK that shows up with a boat load of gifts and I'll have to pass. Not taking my NO for an answer she begins to tell me about this STEAL. The more she told me the more I thought looking like a freak may not be so bad. I hung up and tried to think of excuses I could use to run up to Kmart. By now it was about 10 'til 8 and I knew they closed at 9. I made Tessa a bottle and that is when my excuse hit me. "Tony, I need to run up to the store to get formula....since you won't be around to watch Tessa for me to do it tomorrow" I said. GENIUS! Any excuse that involves Tessa is never denied. I feed Tessa, all the while staring at the clock. She's done at about 8:15, I put her to bed and jump in the car. When I get to Kmart and grab my cart the people at the service desk are giving me "that" know the one that says....DOES SHE KNOW WE ARE CLOSING IN 30 MINUTES??? At this point I am basically running to the toy department and I can't seem to find this STEAL on the shelves. I call The Wizard and she directs me to the exact spot. Of coarse it would be in the VERY top shelf. I find an associate, ask them to retrieve the STEAL from the back ( is something stored in the back) and she agrees to meet me up front with it while I run back to get formula. HEY....I really did need formula! It was an excuse....not a lie!!! When I check out at the service desk the Manager and Associate were shocked when the STEAL rang up at the price it did. Two other workers had gathered around and I shared with them that another STEAL was waiting back on the shelf to be purchased. I was shocked...The Wizard knew about these STEALS and the workers didn't. SWEET! And so the blog began...

Kmart has and addition 20% off their clearance toys right now. Not sure when this expires so if you want one of these I suggest you do as I did and jump in the car RIGHT now and head to your local Kmart!

UPDATE: The additional 20% off ended 9-5-09! Still, at the clearance price we consider these a STEAL!

Drum roll please....

The Dizzy Quad Merry-Go-round:
(is there a better gift for quads?!...FYI we're saving it for their Christmas gift!)

This bad boy is normally $169.99 but is currently marked $42 and with the additional 20% off it is ONLY $33....WHAT A STEAL!

The Forester Wooden Play set

Normally priced $399.99 is currently marked $99 and with the additional discount it is $79....YES....79 DOLLARS!

The Wizard has informed me that a national store will be marking all of their summer merchandise 90% off tomorrow. I PROMISED that I would not reveal this DEAL until she has had the opportunity to wipe them out! Stay tuned tomorrow for that one!!! last thing...I PROMISE the posts will NEVER be this long AGAIN!!!!


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What an AWESOME post! I knew you were going to spill what it was, and I WANTED to skip ahead. But, the post was so darn cute, I couldn't stop reading it! Thanks a MILLION! Love you girl! And, big thanks to Mrs. Wizzard (LOVE that, by the way)! This is going to be so fun! I just want to go on the hunt for a deal to share now!

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