Sunday, September 20, 2009

A splurge that is a steal!

Tipster Jenna shared that on a trip to TJ MAXX this weekend she found Paige Premium, Rock and Republic, Joe's and Hudson Jeans. If you are not familiar with these are so not COOL! KIDDING. They are some of the trendiest (in a good way) and priciest jeans on the market!! Did I mention they are all also celebrity favorites...

Nicky Hilton in Paige Premium

Anna Kournikova in Rock and Republic

Jamie Lynn Sigler in Joe's

Brittany Snow in Hudson

even though these weren't spotted @ TJ Maxx I HAD to include them 'cause they hold a special place in my heart...

Jessica Simpson in True Religion

Anyways...since they are at TJ MAXX....we know what that means...they are MUCH cheaper than you will find them anywhere...except for eBay...I'll tell more about that in a sec! They will still cost you a pretty $80-110 pretty but it sure does beat their normal $150-200++ price tag!! Like I always get what you pay for....expect on eBay!!

Okay...about eBay. You probably know by now that we are bargain shoppers which probably clues you in to the fact that we (at least I am) are CHEAP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some True Religion know like "7 Jeans True Religion, I say no but they keep givin"...but I don't love their big 'ol price tag. So here is what I do...I go to Nordstrom's and try them on. I figure out which style and size fits and I secretly write it down before I leave the fitting room. Then I race home and do a search on eBay for them. YES....I buy clothes on eBay...well just jeans! I'll have you know that I have bought them for $25-50 and they are NEW with tags!! I KNOW....CRAZY! But this way I can afford to own 5 pairs and not 1!! It almost feels like stealing...but it is not. Try it will be so glad you did!!

So know you know just how cheap I am....DON'T HATE!!

OH....I almost forgot! Jenna scored Paper Denim & Cloth little girl jeans @ TJ Maxx for 10 BUCKS!!!! TALK ABOUT A STEAL....they are usually at least $75!!! GOOD JOB GIRL!!


jag said...

Yeah, I was feeling pretty inspired that day!

Let me tell you about my trip to Target! I went in to get something very specific. I had NO plans of browsing. Then, I looked around and thought - and I kid you not, "what would Tiff and the Wiz do?" Sooooo, I started to just walk down the isles. Then I stopped and realized that I should probalby be on the outside isle. I make my way there and headed straight for lawn and garden. They didn't have much left, but I did find a padded fold up lounger (like a very long cushion) that had been about 60 clams on sale for about 10! I didn't buy it because I didn't have a need, but I SO wanted to. Anyway, just thought I would share that I am, in fact, a proud and practicing Steels, Deals, and Heels Member!

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