Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Target UPDATE!!


My husband thinks I am nuts and might be suspicious of an affair. I admit it...I'm havin an affair with Target!

A question was asked about the markdown schedule....that applies ALL THE TIME!!! So print it....write it down...or burn in into your memory!!

Okay so here is the scoop as of today. At least for the Target I went to...which for the most part they all follow suit. The MAJORITY of the store is on sale. Most is 50% at this point. I did come across some 75% but not too much. I will say that EVERY isle has something on clearance. NOT KIDDING...every isle!

The Wizard and I have a system when it comes to shopping at Target. First we go down the outside isles and look at the end caps....that is where you will find MOST of the stuff on clearance. This also gives you a good view down the isles. However, I have noticed a trend, some are dedicated an entire isle to all their clearance for each department. Next we go outside to lawn and garden. Listen close gals.....we have found some AMAZING deals out there. That is where my near altercation from the last post occurred. NEVER NOT visit the lawn and garden section!!! Then we walk thru the rest of the store.

Here are some pics I snapped on my trip tonight....I was surprised no one approached me and asked me if I was paparazzi!

Target has a brand called 09 College...ALL of that stuff is 50% which is a pretty good deal since the original prices are pretty cheap to begin with.

This is the isle of 09 College bedding

09 College towels...not the fluffiest but a pretty go deal!
**I am pretty sure the Spiderman Towel is there by mistake!

09 College Tableware....$2.98 for a 5 piece setting.

What I LOVE so much about this is that it is white...but they had red too! I LOVE white dishes. They look so clean and crisp and if you ever chip or break a piece it is soooooooo much easier to replace!

Scrap booking supplies....50% off which brought most of it to a $1 or so
See those little red stickers...I can spot those suckers a mile away! HELLO FRIEND!
Target's summer stuff...not as CHEAP as CVS's but it will get there. Oh...the sign said 30% but it was actually all 50% off!! Don't let those signs fool you...scan, scan, scan!!

This is outside in the garden section. See those lovely red and orange thingies on the shelf?? I scored one! It is a 66" x 23" Outdoor All Weather fabric roll-up mat!! Regular price $34.99 marked $6.12! Now, unless my calculations are off...that is MORE than 50%.


Oh... and those folding tables are $19.98 with an original price of $39.99
Still outside in the Garden section...Fancy Shmancy Fire Burner...$69.99 with an original price of $139.99

Oh...you know those bins when you walk in the front entrance of the store?? The ones that are stuffed with items priced 50 cents, $1 and $2?? All the items that have a blue dot are 50% off. I always find a few useful things in there. They are PERFECT for birthday party goody bags or stocking stuffers....speaking of Christmas, it is only 100 days, 3 hours and 13 minutes away!!

Keep an eye out for stuff that is Buy 2 get a $5 gift card. I did notice more of those than usual this trip. Like on diapers, face wash, and some stuff in the toy department.

That's all I have for now. KEEP checking back and checking your local Target. REMEMBER....don't let the signs fool you. They have scanners EVERYWHERE...use them and you just might find that the sign was fibbing!!


jag said...

This explains the lack of emails today Missy! I guess you've been busy!

Anonymous said...

Old Navy is having a sale on baby clothes. I bought a jacket 18-24months for $10.00 and a pair of jeans for 7. There is alot of things on sale there.

Rachelle said...

didn't see any umbrellas on sale at Target but I did grab one of those all weather roll out mats for myself. May go back and get another for my beach bum friend.

Alison said...

You're cracking me up! I promise to refer to the markdown schedule when I enter the store.

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