Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's better than a STEAL??


Did you know that MANY restaurants and retailers offer coupons and even FREE stuff if you register on their websites?! While I HATE doing this, if it will get me something FREE I'm willing to take one for the team. I thought I'd share with you a list of some of my favorite offers.

Oh...a word of advice...set-up a "sign-up" email and use it for registering. That way, if one of them turns on you and shares your email address with a third party your personal email isn't overflowing with offers to enlarge a certain body part, meet singles in your area or a letter stating you have won the lotto in Dubai and you just need to wire some money to get the collection process started or my personal fav....A prince has died and left you his millions!!! Really??? A prince?? Come on!!

These send out birthday "gifts":
WARNING - "gifts" may cause extreme weight gain!

Moe's Southwest Grill

Red Lobster ....I can taste those biscuits already

Melting Pot

Krispy Kreme .... Did you know when the sign is lit up that means the doughnuts are hot and fresh??

Sonic can upload pics of you enjoying your treat and they might put it on their site!

Firehouse Subs ....a Hook & Ladder for me PLEASE!

California Pizza Kitchen ...this one's for the kiddos

Cold Stone Creamery ...which I hold responsible for the 15 pounds I gained while my husband and I lived in Gainesville! GO GATORS!

Baskin Robbins

Chuck E. Cheese's ....another for the kiddos!

Just to use anytime:

Macaroni Grill

Sweet Tomatoes

Kirkland's ...I got a 20% off coupon that was valid for a WHOLE month!!

AMC Theatres ...expires in November


Chili's ...must be used within 48 hours of signing up

Can you tell we like food around here??

Also, most malls have a website that you can register on and receive special discounts at their retailers. My favorite is Prime Outlets...they have locations in various parts of the country. Another tip, for those of you that shop online, ALWAYS check the coupon sites because 9 times out of 10 the site you are about to order from has some kind of discount coupon available! My go to site is Retail Me Not. Add it to your favorites NOW! last thing. A new trend, at least in the Tampa Bay area, are sites like Tampa Bay Half Off or Half Off Depot (which has offers from all over the nation!) that offer gift certificates for half off. Keep an eye out for any restrictions like "only one certificate can be used per table".


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