Friday, October 30, 2009

FREE is for me....and you too!!

Here are a few FREEBIES I came across and thought I'd share the love....

Take your kiddo to Sears on Halloween...dressed in their costume of course...and they'll get a FREE toy!!!

FREE Snuggie know you want one! Just fill out this form and you will get it. Word is they call to verify the entry so DEAL with it if you really want one! I know I do....and I know you do too Jenna!!!

FREE potty training DVD from HERE

FREE Pregnancy Tests!! Now...probably only one of you (Jenna) knows just how addicted I was to these when we were "trying"....I wish I had know about these then!!

That's all I have for now!! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!


jag said...

HA! I wonder if they're as good as the Dollar Store ones!

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