Thursday, October 1, 2009

Save YOUR tatas!!!

Today marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Have you had yours screened lately???

Here is the Early Breast Cancer Detection Plan:

  • Beginning at age 20: Performing breast self-exams and looking for any signs of change.

  • Age 20 to 39: Scheduling clinical breast exams every three years.

  • By the age of 40: Having a baseline mammogram and annual clinical breast exams.

  • Ages 40 to 49: Having a mammogram every one to two years depending on previous findings.

  • Ages 50 and older: Having a mammogram every year.

All Ages:

  • Recording personal exams, mammograms and doctors' appointments on a calendar or in a detailed file.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight, following a low-fat diet, getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption.

For more information visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation's site!!!


Amy H. said...

Great post! I have had to get three mammograms based on self examines. With my family history you can never be too safe. Luckily for me it has never been anything to worry about, my Dr's words "You just have lumpy breasts." LMAO

Amy said...

I had my first mammogram recently and it wasn't bad at all. I will always keep up with this because my grandma died from breast cancer last August. She had her left breast removed a few years ago and was cancer free. The beast came back and attacked her spine. I have never seen anyone in as much pain as she was.

Bead Up said...

thanks for the reminder!

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