Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Don't feel like cooking tonight...or tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday??
Well...head on over to Boston Market's website and print out a coupon for a $1 chicken dinner!!!

This DEAL of a meal expires Sunday and it is one coupon per load up the kin and head on down to Boston Market!!

And while you are printing coupons check out the one being offered right now @ Payless!! Oprah and Christian Siriano revealed this DEAL on the show today....50% off EVERYTHING in the store!!!

It is pretty FIERCE if you ask me! But you MUST is ONLY good until tomorrow!!!

I'm LOVIN these two styles.....

This one is by American Eagle....YES Payless sells American Eagle shoes!!!

and this FIERCE beauty is by Christian himself!!!


jag said...

Sweet! Thanks for the tips!

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