Saturday, November 21, 2009

JC Penney & Kmart

The Wizard is FINALLY out hunting again! Today she stumbled upon some awesome STEALS at JC Penney and Kmart that I am totally jealous of!!


Check out this aluminum screen house...$25 ~ regular price of $100

Yoga Pro Fitness System....$3 ~ regular price of $36
(PERFECT for those of us who always make a New Year's resolution to get rid of some chunk....not much of an investment if we fail!)

U Dance Video Game....$9 ~ regular price of $89.99

Leap Frog Fridge DJ...$6 ~ regular price of $22

JC Penney:

Lamp....$8 ~ regular price of $160

Jansport Backpacks...$4.80 regular price of $40

randoms.... spent with the lamp, backpacks and randoms.....$18.35 ~ a total savings of $371.31

JC Penney's had (and might still have) an extra 20% off their clearance. PLUS you can go online after a purchase and fill out the survey to get a code for 15% off!!! The survey is only available for 7 days after your purchase and you can only do it once every 30 days per computer. So if you make another purchase within that 30 days, head on over to a friend's house and use theirs to get another coupon code!!!


Alison said...

OK- I have been all over town looking for the hanes no skid bottom socks. I didn't even think to look at Penneys. WOW! Thats some savings.

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed!
kris guthrie

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