Saturday, November 7, 2009 DEAL AGAIN!

First let me start off with a WARNING (I found out the HARD way) ALL certificates purchased at are ONLY allowed to be used one at a time. We purchased 4 $25 certificates at a pretty pricey joint but when I called and explained that I would have picked a place that had a $100 certificate I could use all at once they gladly refunded my money. So....for pricey places get a larger certificate if available and for not so pricey get the smaller ones!!! more releases the certificates at the first of the month. It is basically a first come first serve. If they sell out you have to wait until next month and hope they are offering that one again!

OKAY so on to the DEAL.....they are having a 70% off sale until the 9th!! You can get $25 certificates for ONLY $3!!!! I just did a "fake" purchase and added a $100 certificate to my cart. It was regularly $40 but with the 70% off it took it down to $12!!! A $100 gift certificate (NOT 4 $25 ones!!) for $12!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!

So head on over to and find your favorite joint or, for this price, try something new!!! Make sure you enter DINE as your coupon code!!


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