Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am sad to say that Giveaway Week is officially over!! BUT...there are a few things that are making me feel better!!

The first is that I am featured on Or so she of my FAVORITE blogs! Click HERE to see the DIY Craft Projects my friend Amy and I did!!


The second thing making me feel better is that we have already teamed up with some pretty neat shops for next year's giveaways....and some of the ones featured this past week will be being generous again!! Oh and the first one we have planned is BIG!! A party theme...with shops that make invites, decor, accessories and favors. EVERYTHING you need to make someones birthday party PERFECT! And if that wasn't cool enough there will be another Giveaway Week tied into Valentine's Day....with ONLY jewelry!!! on to the WINNER!! Is it YOU?? Will YOU be wearing a new pair of ear rings from It's that red head in 2010???

Thanks again to EVERYONE that made Giveaway Week such a success!!


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