Monday, December 14, 2009

Giveaway Day 5 WINNERS!!

I just got back from a trip to Random Land. I think I am going to miss going there every morning! But incase you haven't heard, we will be doing a giveaway EVERY week in 2010 so it won't be long before I visit again!!

Oh....a little secret....the first giveaway will be around the 4th and it is going to be a BIG one. A PARTY theme....a few shops that make party decor, invites and DON'T want to miss it!!

Did YOU win the Simply Chic Giveaway??? Is THIS your blog???

And how about the BellaEve giveaway??? Do YOU feel lucky??? Is this YOUR blog we see??


Rebecca said...

Thanks. Do I need to email you or will Simply Chic get in touch with me?

Rebecca said...

Thanks again. Holly has already contacted me.

brandie said...

HI! Wow I've never won something!


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