Thursday, February 11, 2010


This isn't a STEAL, DEAL or HEEL...

it's our Valentine TREAT for you!!!

So today I tried attempt #3 at cakepops.

Attempt #1 failed I am pretty sure because the icing I used was almost 3 years old....YUCK!

Attempt #2 failed because I didn't even have half of the correct ingredients and tried to improvise...

Here is attempt #3....

Let me first say I got my inspiration from Bakerella. Never heard of her....go check her out!! I did alter the recipe a tad but not as much as attempt #2!

Here is what you need:

Red Velvet Cake Mix
Wilton Candy Melts (Bakerella uses chocolate bark)
Cream Cheese Frosting
Any sort of sprinkle or colored sugar
lollipop sticks (from Michael's)
lollipop bags (from Michael's)
ribbon to tie the bags
styro foam or something to keep them upright in the freezer
wax paper

If you are not giving them away, as we were, you really don't need the lollipop sticks or bags or foam....just pop them in your mouth!

Mix and bake the cake according to the directions

let cool or you will burn your little fingers on the next step

can someone PLEASE tell me why ALL my cakes fall apart like this????

crumble the cake in a bowl with your hands...this is VERY messy!

mix in the calls for the whole 16oz tub but I would say 3/4 of it would do...this is even messier!!

no....that is NOT a Valentine's Day french manicure....more like a red velvet manicure!

scoop out spoonfuls and roll in to balls

I decided to place them in the freezer for 45 minutes on the wax paper before putting the sticks in because they were so moist that the stick was going straight thru the ball

after they have chilled for 45 minutes put each ball on a stick and place the stick in the styro foam...put them in the freezer as soon as you can

I left mine in the freezer for about an hour

melt the Wilton melts (or bark) dip each one...the coating hardens pretty quick so dip into your sprinkles right away

place back in the styro foam continue with the rest

Make sure to leave the balls not being dipped in the freezer until you are ready to dip them so that they stay firm!

Since the coating hardens so fast you can serve or bag them within minutes.

To fancy them up I knotted ribbons around them!


Happy Valentine's Day!


Ashley said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's weekend!
The Hip Hostesses

jag said...

They look DELICIOUS! PLEASE tell me you're saving one for me!

Michele said...

Oh wow, I am so impressed....Your cake balls look GREAT!! I made these last weekend w/my grandchild and I used vanilla bark. Not sure if it was the bark or what the problem was, but I could not get the bark to melt enough for dipping. I tried melting at 15 second intervals but no luck. I think next time I will use the candy melts.

Dave, Sara, and Even said...

Those look did you keep yourself from eating them??? I went to bakerella and she has inspired me to try to work with fondant...LOL...we'll see how this goes!!! There is a cake idea I really want to try for Even's birthday, but we'll see how it turns out...I can always fall back onto my cupcakes

Charity Donovan said...

The key to taking a cake out of a pan in one piece is to let it set for EXACTLY 10 minutes to cool before removing it from the pan. Read it on a food blog & it truly works wonders!!! Thanks for the recipe!!! =)

Lori Vaughn said...

Would love to add this to my Cupcake Carnival at
Thanks, Lori

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