Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calling all Steals, Deals and Heels WINNERS!

Have you been the lucky winner of one of our giveaways???

Maybe you won something during our Giveaway Week in December? Were you the winner of the BIG Party Giveaway that kicked off 2010?? Or one of our Tuesday Giveaways??? How about the Jewelry Week Giveaway....if you've received it already?!

We'd love a picture of you with your new addition! We are working on a post featuring our winners and their winnings!

Leave a comment on this post and we'll contact you!


littledeadmommy said...

In the beginning of December I won a cape from Everybody's Hero's. I can send a picture of my little boy wearing it if you want.

Stephanie said...

I've got a great picture of Milo wearing his "Everyone Poops" shirt from the December giveaways!

Tracy Woodard said...

I won an awesome journal....... I'll send a pic.

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