Monday, February 8, 2010

FREE Birthday SWAG

In case you missed the post from a few months ago about scoring FREE stuff the month of your birthday go check it out HERE before you read on....

Make sure to read the part about making a "sign-up" email account unless you enjoy opening TONS of "You won the lotto in Dubi" or "would you like to enlarge your....." emails!

Back in November when I celebrated the BIG 3-0 it seemed like everyday I received a coupon for something FREE! So I thought I'd do a little more digging and see if I could come up with even more places willing to spoil me us on our birthday! Oh...and some of these don't even require you to be aging...they'll send you stuff for no reason at all....SERIOUS!!!

Here's what I found:

Ringling Brothers Circus ~ Baby's First Circus....Free ticket for 12 months and under
Sephora ~ word is you get a FREE beauty item the month of your birthday!!!! more thing. My friend and I organize a monthly Mom's Time Out. I happen to mention this to an associate while shopping in The Body Shop and guess what....they offered to host us! And the BEST part??? We got mini make-overs, samples and it was FREE! So the next time you are in The Body Shop, ask them if they would host something for you!


Amy H. said...

Thats cool, another reason I wish I lived back home by you!

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