Friday, February 26, 2010

FREE Hallmark Card

We try our best to not let those super fabulous STEALS sneak by us. With that being said we LOVE it when our readers tip us off on one!

Speaking of tips, my good friend Sara sent us this one....

Hallmark has a NEW Kids Collection designed to cheer them on! They've got cards and gifts for kids from grade school up to high school.

Look below for details on how to score a FREE card!!

What better way to encourage your kiddo then to tell them how much they ROCK....

Or remind them that it isn't really the end of the world....

or some kind words to help them deal with those mean kids....

and who wouldn't like to open their backpack and find this looking back at them...

No one likes Pear Peer Pressure

how about an I'm sorry for 99 CENT???

Hallmark is offering ONE free card from their Kid Collection!!

Click HERE for all the details!!!



Melissa Ilardi said...

I got one of these the other day, when I went in to Hallmark for something else. I checked out their line of gifts and cards. Really cute, and great promotional angle by Hallmark!

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