Friday, February 12, 2010

Target home decor 75% off & Sesame Street

The Wizard just called and said that Target has LOTS of their Home Decor items such as bedding and area rugs at 75% off!!

While we are talking about Target...

Have you ever checked out their $1 bins?

Those are the bins right there when you walk in...check them out next time if you've never. I've picked up a few things for my daughter's Big Top Circus Party I am planning. When my friend Sara told me she was planning a Sesame Street Theme for Even's 1st Birthday I started to keep any eye out. Wouldn't you know it...the VERY next week I saw TONS of Sesame Street stuff in the $1 bins!

Here's a pic of some of Sara's DEALS she picked up this week....

The Dollar Tree also has some Sesame Street stuff right now too!!


jag said...

This is gonna be a busy weekend! I have to get to Target AND Big Lots?! I'm pumped!

Rachelle said...

Are those crayons in the front??? I bought everything else that was there but didn't see those.

Melinda said...

Super Cute! Thanks for the post! I am looking for some home decor to finish our bedroom we just redid!

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