Sunday, March 14, 2010

Target shoe sale!!!

I think it is CRAZY that stores don't have the same sale/clearance prices online as they do in the stores!! Today I was at Target and took a peek at the shoes and look what I found....

I've been wanting a SIMPLE pair of sneakers and have been eyeballing the various Converse styles on my trips.

I wasn't too sure about these at first....I mean I am 30....don't I need laces?? But I glanced at the price tag and it said $8.74!! Originally priced $34.99!!

Now for THAT price I felt obligated to at least try them on and boy am I glad I did!!
LOVE them!!!
LOVE them even more since I don't have to tie them!! I'm so lazy!

I then spoted these grey ones....
and found myself chanting my motto...."If it fits, buy it in EVERY color!!"

Too bad the grey ones were still 25 bucks....PASS!!!

While there I spotted these sweet little shoes and wished my daughter's feet were just a tad bigger....

(sorry about the pic....took it with my camera phone!)

The Flip Flips are 2 for $5!!!!

They also have them in adult sizes and they come in TONS of colors. When I got home I logged on and saw THIS tutorial on interchangable straps and thought I should go back and stock up....PERFECT for Summer!!

Oh...FYI....the Converse shoes are NOT marked down online....I checked because I wanted those grey ones so bad! When I looked online I did see this however....

Buy One Get One 50% OFF!!!!

This was NOT advertised in stores....just online! Click HERE to start shopping and to get more details!!!


Sara Jane Streeter said...

I love your blog! Saved to my favorites! I too get everything I own 75% off at Target! My husband teases me that we have a house full of stuff noone wants, LOL! I will keep checking back and thanks for posting this! I was thinking of doing something similiar!~

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