Thursday, April 22, 2010

Close to my heart...

So sorry SD&H has been neglected these days! (but there is a giveaway up!)

I've been super BUSY organizing something that is VERY close to my heart. I am a co-captain for Fight Club a March of Dimes team. Our Walk is Saturday the 24th. We've been fundraising and spreading awareness about prematurity!!! Our team has actually become sort of local least I think so!

Here is a little video about why I support the March of Dimes.

My daughter, Tessa, was born when I was 25 weeks pregnant....she weighed 1lb 15oz....


If you'd like to support the March of Dimes and our team click HERE!
We hope that one day all babies are born healthy.....and full term!!!!


Amy H. said...

Tiff, I love you. I love all you stand for and have gone through. You are a true woman. Someone to look up to and admire. You know this is how I feel about you but I feel I must tell you more and more, as you still amaze me.


Yadira said...

Tiffany, i don't know you but I have been following your blog for a couple of months. By reading your latest post I have learned that we had and have something in common. I also had a premature baby in 2005 and my water broke at 23 wks as well and I eventually had my baby at 29wks. He weight 2 lbs 4 oz and his length was 12 inches. We were told the same things that you were told and we where so blessed that he never had any complications but I went through the same things that you went through 2 yrs ago. I would worry, cry and still had faith that he would pull through. Eventually 2 months later he came home with oxygen but he thrived at home and did great. Now he is almost 5 yrs old and is a smart and mischivious little boy. I call him my miracle baby. He is such a special part of our little family. I should've had become more involved with the March of Dimes. whenever I am able to I donate money, I guess that could be a goal for me and my family to share Braden's story and support all people that have gone through what we have gone through. Take care and the best of luck with your baby girl. She is adorable and such a trooper.

Yadira said...

Thanks Tiffany for commenting on my blog. I looked up your team thinking that you were here in Utah and saw that you guys are in Florida. Well good luck with your team this year and yes maybe I will do something about it next year. Take care great to hear from you.

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