Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm back!!! and WINNERS!!!

I've got TONS to post about so hang in there! And in American Idol fashion...the winners will be listed at the end! Sorry....I wanna make sure you read everything else too!


Okay....If you are interested in participating in the Facebook Giveaway the first week of August shoot me an email! It's a great way to get exposure to your shop for those that DON'T have a blog and are on facebook!!


My friend Jennifer is new to the blog world and has a pretty FABULOUS blog (Belle de Couture) where she posts about her vintage fashion finds. It's amazing what you can find on the racks at Goodwill! Check it out HERE and because I know you all like a GREAT giveaway HERE is the link to her very first one....a SUPER fabulous KatKuff!!!


Alright....I posted the Sugar Pop Creations winner a LONG time ago and that person NEVER contacted me so another one was picked!! Amy from TJ, Amy & Ava is the LUCKY winner!!!

The Tiny Tokens winner is Serena from Serena Everyday!!

And last but not least is The Whippoorwill winner.....Grace from Sugar Rosies!!

You ladies have 48 hours to send me an email!!!

~~~~~ last thing.....THIS giveaway ends tonight!!!!


Tj and Amy said...

whoo hoo! emailing u now.

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