Wednesday, August 25, 2010


THANK YOU for all the comments and messages about items you'd like to see more of for the giveaways! It's nice to know y'all are actually reading my blog and not just here for the possibility of FREE stuff.....but I love you either way! ;)

I've been thinking of other ways I can also incorporate DEALS into the blog and I think DIY projects are the perfect addition!! This might become a regular weekly post or just something I post when I find a share-worthy one. DIY = DEALS

My first one comes from my good friend Amy. She seriously is one of the most creative ladies I know. If you dont' already follow her blog, Buggie & Jellybean, then I suggest you start TODAY!!! She posts giveaways (I know you like those!), DIY projects, recipes and any share-worthy projects she finds irresistible!

She posted THIS DIY ribbon and bead necklace the other day and I seriously CAN'T stop thinking of the giving possibilities for it.

Teacher gifts (and with your help....especially with the threading....your kiddo can help!)
Football season (mine will be in Orange & Blue....GO GATORS!!)

So head on over to Buggie & Jellybean and start making your DIY Bead and Ribbon necklace NOW!!!


TheCuttingEtch said...

So pretty, and a funny coincidence, I just stumbled upon some of these for sale on Etsy today. Now I can save some $$ by Doing It Myself!

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