Friday, August 20, 2010


I don't know about y'all but my email is FILLED with deals and coupons from stores this week!! I'm assuming they expect everyone to be out stocking up on school supplies and clothes?

Here are a few I've found worthy of sharing...

While at Walmart last night I came across Faded Glory Organic 2 piece pjs on clearance for $3...they have girls and boys sizes 6-9 months to 5T. These are perfect for the coming cooler months or CHEAP Christmas gifts!!

(hint: they are packaged in a brown box and where hanging on a wall at the one I visited)


I mentioned before I've been busy with the planning of my daughter's 2nd birthday. I bought part of her outfit from one of my FAVORITE etsy shops....Three Yellow Starfish. They had a buy 2 get one free promo and I teamed up with a mom of QUADS and we got a GREAT deal on some super cute ruffled bloomers. Well....that promo is on again but ONLY for a few days!!! Head on over and check out Three Yellow'll fall in love....PROMISE!!!

Promo ends MONDAY!

(size NB-2T)
(Purchase the 3 you'd like and wait for a refund OR purchase 2 and specify which one you'd like for free.)


I can't believe I've never told you about GROUPON!! Have you heard about it??? It's a site that emails you daily deals for stores and shops near you. The deals are AMAZING! Just yesterday they offered $50 at GAP for only $25! This was sooooooo popular that is knocked the site off line for awhile. Oh and word is the GAP promo grossed $7 MILLIONS bucks!! If you do decided to sign up click HERE so I can get credit for the referral and them make sure to send your link to all your friends and family so you can get credit for them!!!


The Children's Place is back at it! $5, $7 and $10 sales!!! HERE is a coupon to print for 15% off in stores. If you are shopping online enter BTSA7A at check out for the sale discount!


HERE is the ever so nice COACH coupon..... 20% off until August 22nd!!!


Since I am pregnant I am finding that I'm not venturing out as much and doing more online scouting. I found some pretty cute sandals on clearance at Macy's One Day Web Busters....but don't stop in the shoe department...they've got LOTS marked down on the site!!!

       These are just $7.99                               and these are only $13.72


Every so often I get THESE coupons from Off 5th ~ the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet. If you've got one of these near you make sure to print these coupons and cash in!!!


Old Navy...probably one of my FAVORITE stores!! Not only are their commercials so darn funny but their clothes are pretty darn cheap!!! TODAY ONLY get 25% off your online purchase!!!! Enter code ONFALL at checkout!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of my FAVS for home decor has some really great deals every week. HERE is a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more!


As always if you are shopping online DO NOT.....I repeat....DO NOT buy until you visit Retail Me Not. This site has TONS of coupon codes for money off or free shipping for online retailers!! Save it to your favorites right NOW if you don't have it already!!!!


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Hey, want to team up for some Christmas ruffle bloomers? We could slap tights under them and WALA, holy cuteness! Text me!

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