Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY = DEAL! Cupcake Tower

Last month my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday. The night before the party I found myself FREAKING out because I hadn't thought of where the cupcakes were actually going to go. I mean there were 90 of them....and I wanted them to be displayed on SOMETHING and not just in the lovely Sam's Club box they were sitting in.

I looked out in my garage for inspiration and that is when it hit me.....make a cupcake tower! I quickly covered some empty boxes with leftover tissue paper from the tissue balls and this is what I came up with....

Can you see it hiding back there?? Sorry but I was soooo frantic and excited when I finished it that I failed to get a good picture.

Luckily while out cruising blogs today I found one pretty similar to share with you....

If you want to see the cupcake tower tutorial head on over to I Heart Naptime!


Jonelle Lynn Wiley said...

Thats a great idea Tiffany!!

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