Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vera Bradley SALE!!!

I stopped in a local shop this week and fell in LOVE with the FRILL line from Vera Bradley. I'm not sure how long this line has been available but it is pure genius!! They are using the fabrics they line the others in to make these more wasting fabric! Oh...and the BEST part of the FRILL line is that the outside and inside is laminated! PERFECT for a diaper bag...especially when your husband spills breast milk when putting bottles in upside down! ;)

HOPING they carried a diaper bag...or something I could pass off as the FRILL line, I visited Vera Bradley online. I did NOT find a diaper bag but discovered that MOST of the FRILL line is on REALLY on sale!!

Here's a few I found:

This Charmed Pouch is only $9 regularly $14

This AML Hobo is only $19 regularly $44

This Tied Together Hobo is only $25 regularly $44

Don't like these patters or styles??? There are MANY more on the Vera Bradley site marked down!!!
Perfect time to start that Holiday shopping!!


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