Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 amazing ONE day deals!!!

If you are NOT a member of the many daily deal sites you should be! Each day they email you a DEAL for your area that is just AMAZING!!!! The best can also purchase from other areas all over the United States....perfect if you are planning a trip!

Here are some AMAZING one day deals from today...

Get a $20 voucher for only $10
or $30 voucher for only $15
at Bath and Body Works!!
click HERE
(make sure to read the FINE PRINT!)

Get a $50 voucher for $10 at Vistaprint!!
(city is Atlanta)
(I use them for my Christmas cards and LOVE them!)
(They print business cards, invites, announcements, banners, photo books.....just about anything!)
click HERE
(make sure you read the FINE PRINT!)

Get Parents Magazine for ONLY $5 for a year!!!
(or $8 for two years!)
click HERE
(make sure you read the FINE PRINT!)

You'll need to register if you are not already a member on these sites! It is FREE to register and they only send you the daily deals!!


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