Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reviews, Giveaways and Discounts!!

Hi y'all!!!

I think I have finally adapted to life with a toddler and a newborn so I've decided to bring sexy back the blog back and begin posting again!!

If you've been following on Facebook you may recall me mentioning that I was going to add Product Reviews to the line up. Unlike most blogs that do these I'm not going to review just any item. I want to make sure it's something you'd actually enjoy or have an interest in. AND I've asked that the companies ALSO offer an awesome product or discount for you!!! You didn't think I wouldn't spread the love did you!??

Don't worry, there will still be "normal" giveaways but just not as frequent as before and of course I'll continue to post the amazing STEALS and DEALS I come across!!!

Here is a sneak peek at the items I am reviewing right now......

Like I said, these companies are ALSO offering something pretty rad for you too so stay tuned!!!!


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