Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday (March 23rd)

Okay so I have this toddler. She's two....terrible two! Like seriously. I had no idea someone so small could be so terrible. My days are filled with lots of whines {and not the kind you drink though that would probably make my days less terrible}, a few tantrums and never eating her lunch.

I luv her to death but at this point I'm pulling all the stops when it comes to getting her to behave. Telling her "Santa is watching" worked for about 2 days (even though it was February!). Then I moved on to the Easter Bunny.....she didn't really enjoy him last year so I included him in my scared straight tactics. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even remember who the bunny is. Now I am using "The monkey is watching and he won't be happy if you act like that". Who is "the monkey" you ask....

For Valentine's day Miss Terrible Two's daddy brough her home this cute little monkey. He has a banana magnetically attached to his mouth. When you remove the banana he goes all crazy! Like jungle monkey crazy. I admit at first I was startled too but Miss TT was straight up scared. We hid him for a few days until I brought him out again to see if she had a change of heart. NOPE but she didn't scream this time just stared and crawled away signing "All done".

So when Santa and the Easter Bunny no longer worked I started telling her The Monkey was watching.

The other day at Target Miss TT is throwing a total hissy fit in the stroller. I tried my best to ignore it but to keep the others sane around us in the clothing department I said "Miss TT, The Monkey is watching you and he won't be very happy to see you acting like this". You should have seen the looks I got. Wonder if they really think we have a money or if they thought I was the WORST. MOM. EVER.

Now, be a good bargain shopper and post your Awk2theWard moment today. Heck, do it every Wednesday! Just make sure you visit Amy (and me too!) to laugh at us and link up!!!!

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Hespyhesp said...

hahaha OMG! That is kind of terrible... and also kind of genius! My little guy will be two next month and so I totally feel your pain. I just think that at this age you have to go with what works. The only thing I can do is threaten to pinch. Everything else is just funny to him!

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