Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday (March 9th)

I'm starting something new here at SD&H

My good friend Amy does Awk2theWard Wednesday over on Buggie and Jellybean and let me tell you it is spit your food out FUNNY!

We all could use a few laughs to get us through the rest of the week. We all have stress whether it be from our jobs, kids, spouses, pets, LIFE.

A good laugh is good medicine so here is your first dose!!

First off, I am actually part of Amy's Awk2theWard post today so feel free to take a trip over there and laugh at it....'cause I laughed too!

My Awk2theWard moment is a tribute to the Space Shuttle Discovery's final landing today.

Good 'ol Discovery is being retired!

Since Amy put me on blast for a current Awk2theWard moment I thought I pull out one from my past....

As a Floridian you'd think the shuttle taking off and landing would be something I'd be familiar with. But nooooooooo! One evening a few years ago (as in when I was in high school) I was home alone and heard this terrible LOUD noise! I was certain someone was breaking into my house so I did what any female home alone should do in this situation, I called my uncle. Not the uncle! ;)

He wasted no time and hopped in his truck and headed over. While on his way he decided to call the police and share with them my "dilemma" so they arrived just as he did. They searched the front and back yard and couldn't find a thing. No foot prints, no random strands of hair ;), no black gloves...NOTHING.

Then one of them said something that will haunt me FOREVER! "Was is just ONE loud boom?" to which I replied "YES!" to which he followed with....."You know, the Space Shuttle entered the atmosphere about that'am I'm pretty sure what you heard was the Sonic Boom."

So there I uncle laughing at me and two handsome men in uniform pretty much thinking I was a looney!

LAUGH....go ahead! I do, and so does ALL of my family EVERY time a shuttle is scheduled to come back to Earth!

Now, be a good bargain shopper and post your Awk2theWard moment today. Heck, do it every Wednesday! Just make sure you visit Amy (and me too!) to laugh at us and link up!!!!

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