Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hayden J Review & Discount!!!

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When you hear the word FANNY PACK what comes to mind?

Seriously.....what comes to mind??

This maybe.......

Well, that's what I think of when I hear FANNY PACK!!

a few things....
  • This is NOT me or my family though it could easily have been about 20 years ago!
  • And if this is you I am SORRY I posted it but I did take the time to "disguise" you...that makes it okay...right!?

A few girlfriends and I are doing a GIRLS ONLY trip to NYC in a few months and I was thinking a fanny pack would be the perfect accessory for walking around the city.

So, I started searching online and was PLEASED to discover the fanny pack got a face lift! Actually, it got a complete head to toe makeover if you ask me! Matter of fact some have even "renamed" it a Bum Bag or Hip Pouch!

I looked to one of my favorite sites (etsy) for some inspiration and found Hayden J.

A store full of one of a kind creations. Each item is crafted from unique prints and patterns with special attention paid to detail, quality & functionality. Styles you can find are Cosmetic Bags, Totes, Key Fobs, Clutches, Computer sleeves/bags, and many more goodies made from an array of quality cotton canvases & twills.

I was sooooo excited when my new fanny pack hip pouch arrived!

This pouch is VERY well made and seems pretty durable.

Some of it's features:
adjustable strap that can be worn MANY different ways
the strap can also be removed to attach to your favorite belt
designer, durable fabric
reinforced base
zipper and heavy duty snap closures

and big enough to hold all my essentials when walking the streets of New York City!!

wallet ~ CHECK
iPhone ~ CHECK
lipstick ~ CHECK
hand sanitizer ~ CHECK
keys ~ CHECK
iPod ~ CHECK

I had hoped to get some of my own pics of the pouch in "action" but my camera is out of commission :(
{you'll just have to wait until June when I post pics from NYC :)}

Here are some of the ways you can wear your hip pouch....

{this is actually of photo of the large pouch}

Hip Pouches aren't the only things Hayden J has to offer....

I give this Hayden J Hip Pouch 5 heels!

And guess what??

Hayden J wants ALL of my awesome followers to enjoy 10% off the products in their shop!!

Simply enter code "HEELS10" to receive this discount!!

LIKE Hayden J on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest creations!!

Disclosure: I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Click HERE for more info


Brenda said...

Love your post on fanny packs! And that hip pouch is actually really cute!

Amy T. Best Baby Strollers said...

This looks adorable, and it actually is attractive when worn on the hip. Wow, who would have thought fanny packs were back!

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