Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Houston we have a problem.... {we also have WINNERS!} has been brought to my attention that some CREEP has gone thru comments {most likely from giveaways} on my blog and is sending emails to some of you. CREEPY emails like "I'd like to be your friend and I'll send you pics of me if you send me pics of you" WHO DOES THAT!?

Well, apparently Joy does. That's the name of the person they are coming from. I have NO idea who Joy is. She {or he} is NOT affiliated with Steals, Deals and Heels. PLEASE accept my apology and just disregard these messages! :( I've passed "Joy's" info on to Blogger!

Just so you know I don't ask for you email addresses for my giveaways. When winners are posted the winners get in contact with me. I will never need your email address so in the future don't post them unless you want Joy to contact you ;)


On a better note.....I announced winners and ONLY 1 person responded! This is the LAST chance and I'm picking new ones....AGAIN! You've got 24 hours to send me an email!

Click HERE to see if you won the last set of items that were given away!!


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