Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Target Summer Clearance ~ 90% off!!

Do you follow us on Facebook?? You should....MANY times I post deals I find on there first because it's so much easier to access!!


Some days I think I should change the name of this blog.....I LOVE Target or Target Fanatic....or something to the effect that I pretty much LIVE for Target.

The Wizard and I {well mostly The Wizard} made our rounds to our local Targets....yes that was plural! There was LOTS to find at 90% off!

Here are some pics of some of our scores....not in the pics is a great lawn chair, LOTS of summer thermoses, some tableware {an awesome serving tray} and various water guns and slip-n-slides!

{pardon the cellphone pics}

Okay you are probably wondering "what in the heck is this" well...the striped "things" are table clothes scored at Target that I'll be using for my daughter's 3rd birthday in a few weeks! Instant backdrop!

Snow Cone Machine {we also got an ice cream machine!} and accessories!
I think the total for all this was around $5

The chairs are marked down to $3.84....75% off BUT the sign says 30% and the price tags reflect 30% off. This is why you should ALWAYS scan the items!!!!
{I stocked up on these for birthday and Christmas gifts!}

The pink bedding was 75% off and perfect since I am re-doing and combining my girls' bedrooms!
The frisbees were $.39 each, the box drink holders were $.40 each...perfect for my 3 year old who hasn't grasped the whole "don't squeeze your juice box!!" and the bath/pool animals were $.59 

Here's the umbrella I mentioned on facebook....$1.29...It's a 40" beach umbrella!! We are pretty sure it was marked wrong! And various other summer stuff that is now 90% off like table clothes, a paper lantern and cups!


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