Monday, September 19, 2011

Boba Baby Carrier REVIEW ~ MUST read!


I actually thought about giving THIS carrier away. As in the one they sent me. That was until I used it. Sorry peeps but this thing is the third arm I have been praying for since 2008!!

Okay so when you get pregnant you get all sorts of tips and advice. Nobody ever told me about a baby carrier but you better believe when I hit Babies R Us with that handheld scanner I scanned just about EVERY thing in the baby section. In the end I had added (and received) two different baby carriers. The first was one (shall remain nameless) that seemed to cut off poor Tessa's circulation to her feet. I actually looked down once and freaked when I saw purple pigs. NOT GOOD! The second was a side/hip carrier that I never could seem to figure out. I worried the entire time I wore her that she was going to slip out and hit the pavement. :( NOT GOOD!

So when I received the Boba Baby Carrier I honestly didn't have my hopes set too high. After my experience with carriers I assumed this one would just get tossed in the closet with the other two duds.

That was until I put it on for the first time. I compare the fit to what I imagine a parachute to feel like on a skydiver. felt that secure. Then I was actually able to put babe in it alone. As in I did NOT need the help of another human to start wearing her. :)

Right then I realized this was the 3rd arm I had been searching for! Actually its more like a complete set of arms. Prayers answered!

 As a mother of a toddler with mild cerebral palsy, getting around isn't as easy it could be. Tessa is not walking independently yet so we are forced to take our Zooper Tango Double Stroller EVERYWHERE! (can I please add that it also is and amazing product! used DAILY and still working like the day it arrived!) Now add the fact that I have a chunky healthy 9 month old to carry and this is when that set of hands comes in handy!!

Can I tell you how much I love this pic. Not sure if it's that chunky ham hock hangin' out, the fact that it looks like I'm being stalked by paparazzi or that we were at Sears Outlet looking at mattresses (did I mention I am a bargain shopper??)....

This day I somehow forgot that the Zooper was not in the back of the car and took off to our daily therapy appointment. This is also the day I became known as SuperMom!
(20lb baby in carseat...CHECK, 27 pound toddler in Boba...CHECK, diaper bag for 2....CHECK, custom walker....CHECK) 

I've got some super awesome friends. Friends that like to take my picture instead of help...KIDDING! Amy has her hands full too this day as we trekked to the shore. What would I do without my Boba!!?

Picking Tessa up after her first day of PreK. Tristin has started to pull hair so mine has been "hidden" more often that I'd like these days.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE the Boba!! It seriously has become a staple in our lives and the car. I don't go anywhere without it. As a mother of two non walkers the Boba Baby Carrier is something I can't live without!

So on that day when you find yourself saying that it would be so nice if you had an extra arm....or yourself a favor and treat yourself to a Boba!

I give the Boba Baby Carrier 5 heels!
(I'd give it 10 but 5 is the best on the SD&H rating scale!)


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