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Sqivvy Portable Pop Up ~ REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Have you ever needed to change your clothes but didn't have any privacy and didn't want to chance someone seeing you in your skivvies?? Maybe at the beach? Running or biking? Camping? At a pageant or dance competition? If you have said YES then I have the product for you!

I first found Sqivvy while searching for a portable changing room. You see, I am a Vault Denim Independent Fashion Consultant {its like Tupperware but instead of a consultant bringing BORING plastic containers, a Vault Denim Consultant brings 120+ pairs of discounted designer jeans and you and your friends try on and shop!...Jewelry, make-up and cookware parties are so yesterday!}and I needed something to take to holiday shopping events so my customers could avoid trying jeans on in nasty public restrooms.

There are a TON of portable changing rooms on the market but I can say that the Sqivvy is one of the best! It is a little pricey {89.95}but I am a firm believer in YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! And the Sqivvy does NOT disappoint!

Let me first start off by saying this thing transforms into a HUGE {but not too huge 4'x4' and over 6' tall}area to provide you all the privacy you need! It also has a removable "roof} which allows you to see the sky above or allow light inside.

Some of the other features are:
Storage: there are TWO pockets inside {one that is mesh which houses my touch lights to illuminate the inside}

Window: there's an interior window so you can keep an eye on the happenings outside {you can keep this zipped shut if you would prefer not to encourage peeping Toms ;)}

Floor: there's a roll away partial floor to keep muddy/dirty feet from making a mess
Stability: for security it has stakes and a "pocket" to place a rock, sand or weight in to keep in grounded

I've used the Sqivvy at a few events. I must say it gets lots of attention! People are curious as to what it is. They comment "why didn't I think of that". And everyone that has stepped in it is SHOCKED at how much room it has inside!

I also want to point out how AMAZINGLY easy it is to take down and fold away! I had heard horror stories of others and their various brands of pop up changing rooms. Ones that entailed people laying on the floor on their back trying to get it collapsed. Or someone who stuffs it into their trunk then quickly jumps back upon opening only to have it shoot out because they can't seem to get it folded back up. Sqivvy provides folding instructions {that include photos} and they also have a video HERE in case you need more help. I got mine back in the carrying case on the first try. And am happy to report I didn't have to lay on my back or pray it didn't shoot out at me like a rocket!!

Sqivvy is offering all Steals, Deals and Heels readers a $10 discount PLUS FREE shipping!

Just enter code "SDH" when checking out!

I give the Sqivvy 5 heels!


And guess what??

Sqivvy wants ONE of my awesome followers to have their very own!!


Open to US residents ONLY!

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I would use this at my Vault Denim Events! Ooh I hope I win!! Come on!!


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Jeremy, Julie and Jacob said...

i would use this at my vault denim shows! thank you for the opportunity! julieshoemaker (at) vaultdenim (dot) com

Jeremy, Julie and Jacob said...

i liked SDHs on facebook

Anonymous said...

I would also be using this with my Vault Denim Events. I have been told to many time they will set me up to the Mens Bathroom to use as a changing room. Not cool!!

Anonymous said...

I so badley need this item! I am fair skinned blonde that needs a little extra glow now and then. So bring on spray tan's. I have someone that will come to my home but it is messy in the shower. This would be perfect to have a lot of my friends over for a "spa day" and we can use it. Did I mention the avid hunter that my husband is and how he is always trying to take me and the two kids to the woods. This would be perfect for an outdoor shower!
By the way, I am Vault Denim Consultant too and I have tried various ways to make shift a dressing room for events. It is very hard to make something that the customer would feel comfortable changing in at a huge event so this item would be perfect. I have already joined the group on FB and liked the page. I hope Sqivvy has great success!

Carrie said...

The Sqivvy would DEFINITELY make my Vault Denim events much looks lightweight and easy to pack up and take with! I'm all about hassle free! COME ON, PICK ME PICK ME!!

Finding Charm said...

I would so gift this to my mother for two reasons. She's a seamstress and has customers over who have to go up stairs to change, then come down to her studio again. This would so help that. Also, for the BBQ contests they participate in. There are BBQ clothes then there are team clothes you change into. Never a place to change outside, so you crowd into a car to change. This would help with that!

sarah dot buckingham at sbcglobal dot net

Brooke said...

I would love this Sqivvy for my VAULT DENIM events! This would make things so much easier!!

Brooke said...

Facebook Shared it!

Brooke said...

Shared it on facebook... Brooke Peterson Campbell

Brooke said...

Joined Sqivvy on facebook

Brooke said...

Liked your fb page

Niki said...

Hi Tiff! I would use this on outings with the kids. We were just in Atlanta and I had to change in the car to go to our next stop. This is perfect for the beach and all of our adventures!

Niki said...

I've been a fan of your FB for a while :)

Niki said...

Joined the Squivvy FB!

Finding Charm said...

Shared on FB

Finding Charm said...

I like SD&H on FB

Finding Charm said...

I have your button on my blog!

Finding Charm said...

I joined the Squivvy FB group

PunkRockChic said...

I would totally use this to let my babies change into swim suits or to change diapers and have some privacy in public over the summer.

Dawn said...

I am a VFC in Marion ILLINOIS!! I am always checking you out and love all your posts and blogs! LI think you ROCK!! I could really use this product for my little Vault business along with promoting your blog and the Sqivvy!!! Thanks a bunch for all you do!!!

Prudence said...

I would love to have this to offer to my VFC's to use at their events!! They are very convient to have at parties! I think you are so helpful with all your posts and appreciate your generousity! If the the world had more people like that!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this for all my Vault Denim vendor events and to also allow all the fellow vfc's that check out my inventory to have something durable during their events as well. My husband built me one out of pvc pipe and it's not very sturdy at all.... the Squivvy would solve all my problems!!!

Holly said...

Love the squivvy - this will be perfect for all the Vault Denim events. Easy, light, portable and black will go with any color scheme. It would be great to be able to offer the use of this to all the girls who use the inventory for their events:) Love the Blog - very informative:)

ShamelessMomma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carmen Michalak said...

I would use Squivvy at my Vault Denim Events for ladies to try on some awesome jeans! :-) it would be perfect!

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