Monday, May 7, 2012

TeetheMe {the hottest new mommy must have!}

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We are moms. We are busy. And TeetheMe gets that.

TeetheMe is a subscription {$24 a month} community that sends you 4-5 innovative and unique products each month that are specifically chosen for your child. The items are hand picked by moms based on the age of your child {up to age 3}. But it doesn't stop there. After you receive your super fabulous box of goodies you are encouraged to join their online community to "review" the products and see what others are saying too.

TeetheMe is the answer to our worries of "is this the best sippy cup to start with??" or "which swaddle blanket do most people find works??'.

When you subscribe you are also given access to their social community to brag {post pics, milestones...whatever} all you want!

Can you imagine the thrill you {and your little one} will get once a month when your "present" arrives?? Let me just say that I was pretty stoked to see mine on my doorstep and couldn't wait to pop it open!

We couldn't wait to start trying out our new things and the Aqueduck was the first up!

{as you can see they both really like the extra few inches it gave them to reach the water!}

Also included in our box was the NiNi kid-proof strap. This little thing is a MUST have to keep toys and sippy cups from becoming air born!

I was super excited to see a sippy cup in the box. It was the Foogo line of cups from Thermos Brand. The very next day I spotted some at Target and quickly put two more in my cart....yes they are that good!

The last thing in the box was my favorite. As a mother with two in diapers and a dog I am constantly looking to keep my home smelling like I don't have two in diapers and a dog. ;) The Greenleaf sachet was "supposed" to go in the diaper pale but it's sitting on my dining table keeping my room smelling sooooooooooo good!

I think a TeetheMe subscription would be the PERFECT gift for an expectant or new mother!

 TeetheMe is offering a Mother's Day gift promotion right now!

I give TeetheMe 5 heels!



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