About Us

No one likes to experience a bargain high alone!

What's a bargain high you ask?? The exuberating feeling you get when you have scored a fabulous item for a price so low your friends won't even believe you when you tell them what you paid.

This is our attempt to make the world a better place, by sharing bargain highs and spreading the love! Oh...what do heels have to do with all of this? Because everything looks better in a good pair of heels!

Who are we??

I (Tiffany) am a SAHM. Something I NEVER thought I could do or be! After the birth of my daughter, which was 15 weeks before we expected her (she weighed a whopping 1.5 pounds!) life changed and here I am!

The Wizard is my mother and the reason this blog exists. She by far, hands down is THEE BEST bargain shopper there is....and these STEALS and DEALS pretty much are the proof!

Feel free to contact us at stealsdealsandheels@yahoo.com! Or click on the CONTACT link above!

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