Monday, May 7, 2012

TeetheMe {the hottest new mommy must have!}

Have you entered the giveaway for the LifeProof {water proof} iphone case!!??
click HERE to enter!!!

We are moms. We are busy. And TeetheMe gets that.

TeetheMe is a subscription {$24 a month} community that sends you 4-5 innovative and unique products each month that are specifically chosen for your child. The items are hand picked by moms based on the age of your child {up to age 3}. But it doesn't stop there. After you receive your super fabulous box of goodies you are encouraged to join their online community to "review" the products and see what others are saying too.

TeetheMe is the answer to our worries of "is this the best sippy cup to start with??" or "which swaddle blanket do most people find works??'.

When you subscribe you are also given access to their social community to brag {post pics, milestones...whatever} all you want!

Can you imagine the thrill you {and your little one} will get once a month when your "present" arrives?? Let me just say that I was pretty stoked to see mine on my doorstep and couldn't wait to pop it open!

We couldn't wait to start trying out our new things and the Aqueduck was the first up!

{as you can see they both really like the extra few inches it gave them to reach the water!}

Also included in our box was the NiNi kid-proof strap. This little thing is a MUST have to keep toys and sippy cups from becoming air born!

I was super excited to see a sippy cup in the box. It was the Foogo line of cups from Thermos Brand. The very next day I spotted some at Target and quickly put two more in my cart....yes they are that good!

The last thing in the box was my favorite. As a mother with two in diapers and a dog I am constantly looking to keep my home smelling like I don't have two in diapers and a dog. ;) The Greenleaf sachet was "supposed" to go in the diaper pale but it's sitting on my dining table keeping my room smelling sooooooooooo good!

I think a TeetheMe subscription would be the PERFECT gift for an expectant or new mother!

 TeetheMe is offering a Mother's Day gift promotion right now!

I give TeetheMe 5 heels!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LifeProof {waterproof iPhone case} Review & GIVEAWAY

Hey there my sweet friends!

I want to warn you that after this post you will probably be VERY jealous of me! I just returned from the trip of a lifetime {well at least for me} and let me just say it was fabulous with a capital F! Lucky for me I had the BEST accessory to tag along with me....a LifeProof case! Don't know what that is?? Well, if you own an iPhone you best be knowing what this baby is!

First let me say I have owned 5 iPhones in 2 years.....two I lost to a toilet {popped out of my back pocket while taking a tinkle} and the others simply dropping them and shattering the screen did those in. So when I was sent the LifeProof case I was tickled that FINALLY I could use my phone without fear! And I could use it in the water, snow,'s seriously LifeProof ;)

Okay so below you are about to get a glimpse in to this amazing trip I went on. My dear pal Amy {you've all heard me rave about her many times...go check out her blog HERE if you haven't!} called me up one day and was like "hey wanna go on a girl's trip....on a private jet....on a private yacht?" Um...YES....that is basically what she said. And since I don't live like P Diddy normally I was all over it! {I actually asked that they refer to me as T Diddy while on the trip} Oh did I mention this trip was in the BAHAMAS!! eeeekkkk!

A few things before you start drooling.....until you get to the goofy pic of me weighing down my LifeProof case note that those pics are not taken with the case on. After the goofy pic ALL those pics were taken with the LifeProof case on and NONE have been edited! You'll see that this case does NOT hold your camera back from taking BREATHTAKING photos!! :)

{I told you I was rolling P Diddy style! This was our plane to paradise!}

 {they sure do know how to travel!}


 {The FAMOUS Fa-La-Me and I HIGHLY recommend you Fa-La them on to die for!}


 {you must submerge your case {assembled EMPTY} for one hour to "test" it before using}
{what better than these to weigh it down ;) }

 {this would be that goofy pic which means all pics below were taken with the case ON!}

{this would be La {as in Fa-La-Me} our very gracious host...she's also Amy's madre!}

 {I had no idea a 75ft boat could go this was AWESOME!}

 {like I mentioned above....NO editing with these pics.....paradise IS that beautiful!}

 {Okay so without my LifeProof case this would NEVER EVER happen...leaning over the water to take a pic}

{again...NEVER would have happened if I didn't have a LifeProof}

You may want to pop a Dramamine and turn down the volume before watching this clip

{these are my pigs and BOTH pics are taken under water}

 {just me lounging by the pool in Abaco}

{from the very tippy top of the Fa-La-Me....still makes me wheezy just was WAY up there!} 

I think it's pretty evident that I LOVE the LifeProof case and that I had the time of my life on this trip. {i took close to 500 pics so I spared you even more're welcome!} And just so you know it also works in real life as opposed to paradise. For instance, when your three year old decides to chuck your phone in Target and it slams to the's still safe and no cracked screen! Or how about when your 16 month old decides all the other 91 teethers you've invested a small fortune in aren't working and your phone {in the LifeProof case} is guessed it...totally protected from drool!

Here are the "facts" for those of you that are in to that sort of thing:
Full Waterproof IP-68 Protection up to 6.6 feet
Film Underwater Movies {perfect for swimming and surfing}
Listen to music in the Water
Got caught in the problem with the LifeProof
Sippy cup spilled on it...again no problems here!

Total IP-68 Dust Protection
The case you want for on the job construction sites
Use it while hunting, hiking or horse back riding
Take it to the beach and never miss a memory!

Complete IP-68 Protection in the Snow
Imagine the videos and images you could capture snowboarding!
or skiing
or ice skating

Built to Military Standards
Three year old chucking across Target proof {I tested out that one!}

I bet you are wondering with all this protection "is it heavy? bulky?" ABSOLUTELY NOT!
It's actually {in my opinion 'cause I have used others} less bulky and certainly lighter than the other case...specifically the one that starts with Otter and ends with Box ;)

LifeProof is available in black, white, pink and purple and sells for $79.99. It can be purchased on the LifeProof website at along with a variety of weatherproof accessories, including bike mounts, belt clips, armbands/swimbands and floating lanyards.

~~~~ Mother's Day Discount ~~~~
{expires 5-14-12}

use code TWMOM10 for 10% off

I give the LifeProof Case 5 heels!


And guess what??

LifeProof wants ONE of my awesome followers to have their very own!!
Open to US residents ONLY!
A MUST ~ 1 entry
Leave a comment telling me what LifeProof would protect your phone from! 
{leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!}
Facebook about this giveaway ~ 1 extra entry
{provide the link!}
Blog about this giveaway ~ 1 extra entry
{provide the link!}

Tweet this giveaway @LifeProof~ 1 extra entry
{provide the link!}
"Like" or be a fan of Steals, Deals and Heels on Facebook ~ 1 extra entry
Add {or already have} the SD&H button to your blog ~ 2 extra entries
Like LifeProof  on Facebook ~ 1 extra entry

If you are picked and you didn’t do the MUST another winner will be picked!!!
This giveaway will close on May 16th, 2012 @ midnight (eastern time).
Winner will be picked by
HERE is more info on how our giveaways work!
Disclosure: I received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own and this post was neither reviewed nor approved prior to being published. Click HERE for more info

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zooper Stroller GIVEAWAY (on facebook!)

Hello pals! Wow it's been some time since we chatted! :( But I am happy to say I have some pretty great reviews coming up and GIVEAWAYS!

Before I get started with those I wanted to share with you that my peeps over at Zooper are giving away a stroller!! Yes....A STROLLER!

It's on their Facebook page so click HERE and you'll be on your way to entering!!!

In case you are wondering I am STILL over the moon happy with my Zooper Tango Double Stroller! It's used every day...EVERY! With a child that has cerebral palsy it really makes life so much easier!

HERE is my review from last year of the Tango!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Did you think I forgot about you??

I did...then I remembered....then I figured I let you get through the first few days of 2012! Speaking of, how was your New Years? I know, I know....JUST ANNOUNCE THE WINNER!!

BROOKE is the winner of an AWESOME Sqivvy Portable Changing room!!
See the review HERE

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busch Gardens & Seaworld FREE Preschool Pass

It's baaaaack!!

Register NOW (while you still can!) to get your child (ages 5 and uder) in to Busch Gardens AND Seaworld for FREE (unlimited) all year long!!!! This is for Florida residents only!

click HERE to start the registration!!!!

Don't forget to check out the details on the FREE jeans I am giving away....HERE!

GIVEAWAY ~ FREE Designer Jeans

Did you see THIS post about the giveaway I am doing....all I need is a favor!

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Thanks y'all!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who wants FREE jeans??? But I need a favor first....

Okay so I am entered in a photo contest for the company I work for (I do Designer Jean Parties!) and I need at least 320 votes in the next 11 days to try and take the lead!!

If I win MOST VOTES I'll be giving TWO people a FREE pair of our signature brand of designer jeans, Ten Denim!! We carry sizes 0-Plus Size 24 so everyone should be covered!!!

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